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  • 7 Lessons

    5 Day Turkey Burn Challenge

    Hey Team!

    Welcome to our 5 Day Turkey Burn Challenge.

    All workouts are 30 mins, excluding bonus rounds, w/ exception to "Chest and Back 12" which is a 40 min workout.

    Only "Arms and Abs 16" and "Chest and Back 12" require a medium set of weights. All others do not require weights.

    Ankle weights are optional for the advanced participant of "Power Legs 16". But that's only if your a complete gangster.

    Complete this challenge leading up to or preceding Turkey Day. Or anytime, when it time to shred.

    Day 1. We starts w/ "Arms and Abs 16" We'll sculpt those guns and let our hands go.

    Day 2. "Power Legs 16" Part I. If you're a beginner, keep a chair handy to maintain balance and perfect form. Part II is a Bonus round of Muay Thai Conditioning.

    Day 3. "Chest and Back 12".

    Day 4. Time to burn, "Core and Kickboxing 14"

    Day 5. Keep it burning. "Muay Thai Conditioning 13"

    Finish these five days and leaved with your hands raised.

    Feel free to message me if you have any questions about anything.

    Get em Champ!


  • 8 Lessons

    Arms, Abs & Kickboxing

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  • 1 Lesson

    Arms, Abs & Kickboxing 15

    This workout is designed around a single set of weights, light or medium set.
    Sculpt, tone and define.
    Then we let those hands go and throw some elbow strikes to all those imaginary fools that like to get in our face.
    Excuse me, I need six feet! BAM!
    Lets get em Team!!!
  • 1 Lesson

    Beginners Kickboxing 06

    In this class we cover the basics.
    Then we go after those abs.
    All of marital arts, is repetition until it becomes a reflex.
    Lets put together combinations, and work up sweat.
  • 5 Lessons

    Beginners Muay Thai Conditioning

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  • 1 Lesson

    Booty Blaster Circuit Training

    60 min booty workout.
    Leg & Butt circuit workout with weights for building a booty
    5 rounds - 60 min
    3 rounds - 30 mins (if pressed for time)
  • 11 Lessons

    Booty Blaster Low Impact & Power Legs

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  • 7 Lessons

    Chest and Back/ Kickboxing

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  • 9 Lessons

    Core and Kickboxing

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  • 1 Lesson

    Core and Kickboxing 14

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  • 2 Lessons

    Heavy Bag Work 01

    This workout is a 2 in 1.
    One 30 min Beginners Heavy Bag workout were we cover the basics.
    & One 15 min Intermediate Heavy Bag Workout. Where we push the pace.
  • 1 Lesson

    Heavy Bag Work 04 Leg Day

    10 min workout. 5 Min stretch
    Time to sculpt those legs and let out a little aggression.
    If you got a bag. Time to beat it up!
  • 2 Lessons

    Low Impact Legs 15

    Hey Team,

    This is a low low, Zero impact Butt and Leg workout that is structured around sculpting those legs and building a solid foundation for your kickboxing technique.

    Zero impact, No lunges, no squats, no jumping, but just as effective. Weights are optional. Use ankle weights if your advanced.  

    Part 2 of our lesson is a 12 min Muay Thai sprint that’s all about kicks. You’ll feel the burn on this one. It's leg day team. Lets go!

  • 4 Lessons

    Muay Thai Conditioning

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  • 1 Lesson

    Muay Thai Conditioning 11

    In this lesson we practice footwork. Shifting our fighting stance. Transitioning from one stance to the next working on our fluidity. Also, Conditioning.
    30 mins Muay Thai Conditioning. No equipment necessary.
    Lets go Team!!
  • 1 Lesson

    Muay Thai Conditioning 12

    30 min workout. In and out. No weights.

    We push the pace. Work our strikes. Strengthen our heart, lungs and technique.

    You’ll leave feeling victorious. Lets go team!

  • 2 Lessons

    Muay Thai Conditioning 13

    In this workout we focus on putting together our arsenal of strikes from punches, elbows, knees and kicks.

    We focus on specifically the mechanics of the Overhand Right (or Left if you're a southpaw)

    And, as always, we push the pace. It's Muay Thai Conditioning.

    Part 1 30 min Muay Thai Conditioning. No weights.

    Part 2, if you're still standing, is our bonus round. 10 min Abs.

    Lets go Team!

  • 2 Lessons

    Power Legs 16

    Power Legs. 2 Parts.
    The 1st half is a 30 min Power Leg workout. All body weight exercises. No weights.
    Part 2 is a 12 min Muay Thai Conditioning sprint.
    You get those legs done this week?
    I got you. Lets go Team!
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