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Foxy and Fierce Summer Games

Summer Games Info

Put your training to the test to see who will become the Ultimate Foxy and Fierce Champ!
Grand Champion will be rewarded a one of a kind Foxy and Fierce Championship Belt!
All participants will receive a limited edition Foxy and Fierce Summer Games Tee.

Foxy and Fierce Summer Games

Sunday June 30, 2019

Check in: 9:00am

Contest Begins: 9:30am

$20 Early Registration
$25 Day of Registration
All participants will receive a limited edition Foxy and Fierce Summer Games Tee
Certificates awarded to 2nd and 3rd place winners.
Grand Champion will be awarded the Foxy and Fierce Championship Belt
10 Stations
45 Second each station
30 Second Rest to rotate to next station.
1. Skip Rope
2. Speed punches on Heavy Bag (Left/ Right is 1)
3. Progressive Roundhouse kicks on kicking shield ( 1 side only)
4. Push Kicks on heavy bag ( L/R is 1)
5. Heavy Bag combo: Jab, Cross, Switch Roundhouse Kick, jab, cross Roundhouse kick
6. Push Ups off knees
7. Lateral Hops
8. Russian Twist with Medicine Ball
9. Burpees
10. Modified Pull Ups ( legs straight out – no bend in knees)
A Judge will be counting all reps and scoring on your personal score sheet.
If technique is performed incorrectly rep will not be counted.
Judge has final say on technique performance. No disputes.
In the event of a tie for Grand Champion a sudden death challenge will occur.
The contestants in the tie will have to repeat the entire challenge. Best score will win.
Please refer to video demonstration for proper techniques.
Mock competition will be incorporated into classes on Friday June 28th and Saturday June 29th.

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