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  • Instant access to our entire Video Library of workouts that combine kickboxing techniques with a focus on every muscle group – arms and abs, butt and legs, chest and back, core – plus full body stretching and conditioning.

  • Intro to advanced-level classes teach you the basics with drills designed to master technique, increase your athleticism, build strength and stamina.

  • Heavy bag workouts that advance your skills and develop kickboxing combinations and flow, strengthen your heart and sharpen your mind.

  • First 14 days FREE! Cancel any time.

“The only way to achieve your goals is to stay in the fight!”

Whether you’re a kickboxing newbie looking to learn the basics or experienced in martial arts and want to build on your roots, Foxy & Fierce is right for you! We’re your home for dynamic kickboxing workouts designed to build physical strength and conditioning through proper breathing and warmups, body weight exercises to tone and strengthen, stretches to increase flexibility and drills to sharpen your kickboxing technique.

Workouts are offered in easy-to-follow, instructional 10-, 30- & 60-minute classes that give you all the tools you need to supercharge your kickboxing feet!

Our classes will leave you feeling empowered, accomplished and de-stressed.

Rashad El Amin, Co-Founder, Foxy & Fierce Kickboxing Bootcamp

Get in your best shape!

Most people get in their best shape once they’ve found a “their sport”. You play because it’s fun and you like the way it makes you feel.

Strong. Connected. Alive.

Before you know it, you’re committed and putting in the work that will make you great.

We’re here to make kickboxing your sport – it’s the sport we’ve used to get thousands in their best shape.

We’ve been teaching our blend of full body fitness and kickboxing basics for over 10 years at our studio in the heart of Hollywood, CA. We keep it fun and engaging while we teach you valuable skills that last a lifetime.

If you’re new to kickboxing, awesome – we’ve got you covered! If kickboxing is already your sport, welcome! You’ve come to the right place.


Train with us – we’ll keep your tools sharp!

Member social shares of our live stream and on-demand workouts.

Live Stream Classes

Included with your membership are our daily Live Stream classes, Monday–Friday. We kick off with “Coffee Talk” chat for 5–10 minutes, catch up on current events, instructors share training tips and then we work out together.

We’re not just another gym or dojo, we’re a community!


Do I need to get fit before I start kickboxing?

Some people believe that they need to get fit before starting Kickboxing and these are generally the people that never join. Kickboxing is what will get you fit fast, so let us get you fit!

What equipment do I need?

No equipment is required, but we do recommend hand weights, a yoga mat, water and a towel. Instructors provide alternate weights/no weights versions of exercises. If you’re going to use a heavy bag you’ll want to invest in a set of hand wraps and boxing gloves.

How do I join the Live Stream Class?

Currently our Live Stream Classes are Monday-Friday. The schedule is subject to change and notifications are posted on our Member home page and on our Private FaceBook Group page. The best way to live stream with us is through Zoom®! The Meeting ID is provided when you register and always available on our Member home page and Private FaceBook Group page. You may also log in to our Live Stream classes through the Members section of the website. If at any time you have difficutly connecting to the live stream don’t hesitate to contact us at We are a boutique fitness studio and virtual gym and strive to give you the best personalized experience when you train with us!

What if I can't make the Live Stream?

Live Stream classes are available for playback in our Live Stream Player until the next Live Stream class begins. Access the Live Stream Player from the “Live Stream” tab in the Members section of the website. Or, you can always choose from any of our pre-recorded workouts  through our on-demand Video Library. New workouts are posted weekly.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you need to cancel your account and end your membership, log in with your username and password, navigate to your Account / Memberships/ Subscriptions page and simply click cancel. Your membership will be canceled instantly and you will not be charged again unless you restart your account.

Got questions?

Get in touch, we’re here for you!


Due to the current Covid-19 government mandate in-person group classes at our studio are on hold until further notice. Virtual classes continue via Live Stream & On Demand »   |   Covid-19 Safety & Sanitation »